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Lucky 21 Series 

These monographs are short guidance and informational documents designed for practical use with administrators and teachers. The content of the work is organized in 21 questions/answers/essential points with a corresponding paragraph or two of information.

 #1 Avoiding Legal Disputes in Special Education - currently unavailable - revision coming soon!  

Julie Weatherly, Esq. provides a succinct overview of the most common legal pitfalls and suggestions for avoiding them.  There are simple practices that can assist schools and districts in ensuring that they are less likely to be involved in a legal matter and have greater protection if they are. Understand the legal challenges of special education and effective strategies for compliance. ($7)

#2 Section 504 - currently unavailable - revision coming soon!

This monograph provides a list of common myths surrounding Section 504 and gives readers accurate information on what and how 504 can be interpreted. Issues regarding eligibility, accommodations, and other legal components are described in an easy to understand format. ($7)

  #3 Restraint and Seclusion in Schools. This monograph provides schools practical guidelines and information on best practices surrounding restraint and seclusion. Understanding legal requirements, documentation procedures, and compliance practices can help schools and districts provide a safe learning environment for all students while enforcing legal compliance. ($7)


   #4 Just What is RTI?  This monograph provides a condensed, but detailed overview of Response to Intervention (RTI). Understanding RTI, its legal foundations, practical implications, and leadership through systems change are discussed, along with answers to questions both basic and complex. A number of recognized practitioners contributed to this volume, providing a wide scope of understanding and perspective. ($7)


  #5 Discipline of Students with Disabilities.   The discipline of students with disabilities is one of the most frequent areas of concern for districts and parents. This monograph provides an overview of the most common practices and legal aspects of discipline giving schools the information they need to comply with best practice and the law. ($7)


   #6 Personnel Development in Special Education.   The allocation, monitoring, and development of resources is a critical component for any educational leader. This volume gives detailed information from a host of experts on how best to leverage resources in effective and efficient ways. Resource management is discussed related to both fiscal resources as well as human capital. ($7)


   #7 What All Principals Should Know About Special Education.   Understanding special education is an essential skill for general education administrators and school principals. This volume provides explanations of the most critical aspects of special education for building leaders and administrators and sheds light on aspects of special education most often misunderstood by principals and other school officials. ($7)


 #8 Medicaid in the Schools.  The Medicaid in the Schools program is often one of the most complex and unclear aspects of special education administration. This volume provides practical information on Medicaid in schools for any education official involved in administering the program including Special Education Directors, Medicaid Coordinators, and business office employees. Know the basic structure of the program, consent requirements, and claims system. ($7)


   #9 General Education Teachers Guide to Special Education.   Every general education teacher will have the experience of teaching a student with a disability. This volume gives teachers a brief overview of special education and its most critical components. Written in teacher-friendly language, information is discussed regarding eligibility, placement, specially designed instruction, co-teaching, and IEP compliance. This handy guide provides every general education teacher with the necessary knowledge about special education and teaching students with disabilities. ($7)


   #10 Guide to Transition: Postsecondary Education.    Providing support for students to successfully transition from high school to college can be complex. This volume provides clear guidance and information on what teachers, parents, and students should know about receiving support for their disability when transitioning to college or university. Special education staff, school counselors, and administrators will also benefit from understanding how the disability laws are applied beyond the k12 school system and how best to position students to be successful beyond high school. ($7)


Leadership Series 

The CASE Leadership Series is specifically designed to provide administrators of special education the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in their role.

     Book 1: The Journey to Effective Leadership.   The first book in the CASE Leadership series provides special education administrators resources on the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader. This book walks through components of effective leadership and how new and experienced leaders can become more effective. Topics include shared leadership, roles and responsibilities, skilled facilitation, systems thinking, and others. Book 1 provides anyone looking to understand the basic functions of effective leadership the information they need. ($14)


    Book 2: Trends and Issues Affecting Education and the Provision of Special Education Services, 2nd Edition.   Book 2 of the CASE Leadership Series provides information on current and emerging trends in Education and particularly special education. Trends are identified and analyzed for their current and potential impact on the state of public education in America. ($14)


   Book 3: Organizational Change: Transformative Leadership for Special Education.    Book 3 of the CASE Leadership Series provides readers an overview of a variety of change efforts shaped by transformative leadership. Authors describe how leaders can engage in the organizational change process, identify the keys to success, and how leaders can sustain ongoing change. Leaders looking for the knowledge and skills to lead educational change efforts can find them in this book. ($14)


    Book 4: Effective and Efficient Management of Resources.    Book 4 of the CASE Leadership Series provides insight for leaders into effective resource management, an essential function of any leadership position. Topics include continuous improvement monitoring processes, state performance plans, funding and budget development, public relations and marketing, and more. This book delves into the essential skills leaders need to leverage resources and maximize impact. ($14)


CASE publishes standalone books subject areas that relate to the field of special education. These works are typically a couple of hundred pages and provide more in-depth coverage of the topic.


    Great Instruction, Great Achievement.   Specially designed instruction is often one of the most misunderstood parts of special education. This book gives all instructional leaders, special education and general education alike, practical information about how to provide GREAT instruction to all students. Written by a proven leader in the field, no school should miss out on this essential tool for improving outcomes for every student. ($15)


   Response to Intervention: Policy Considerations and Implementation.  This book provides all the information you need to understand response to intervention. With comprehensive and detailed descriptions of both the policy and legal framework for RtI as well as practical strategies for implementation, this book is all you need to begin the RtI process in your school or district. ($17)








  Lets Team Up!  This easy-to-use guide provides readers all they need to understand and establish effective working teacher-paraprofessional teams. Included in this publication are a variety of checklists and simple guides to assist teachers and other professionals in developing effective practices in working with paraprofessionals and other support staff.  ($10) 


  A Principal’s Guide to Special Education.  Dr. David Bateman provides a comprehensive review of all necessary information that principals must know about special education. This essential book is a must-have for all school leaders. Any question a leader might have about the complex work of special education can be found in this book. ($36.95)


Section 504 and ADA-Promoting Student Access

Understand everything you need to know about Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This book provides each educator essential knowledge and understanding about one of the most important laws regarding disability. ($22)