CASE Connections & Resources

CASE has many CONNECTIONS and Partners in Special Education.  Below are additional resources and valuable information for all Special Education Administrators and Leaders.

1.         Workshops:


  • Thursday, April 29, 12:00 – 3:00 PM ET, Advancing Collaborative Leadership and Positive School Culture:  Future Ready Schools (Alliance for Excellent Education) is sponsoring this free professional learning summit.  Education leaders will collaborate and build networks with other likeminded colleagues, reflecting on leadership styles and ways to better support staff, culture-building best practices, and other issues relevant to district leaders.  Register here
  • Tuesday, May 18, 3:00 – 5:00 PM ET, Exploring the Intersection of Race and Disability – Equitable Research-Informed Practices:  This is the 4th in a series of conversations with experts sponsored by the National Center for Systemic Improvement.  Register here.

2.         New Publication – The Rising Tide that Lifts All Boats: Investing Stimulus Dollars with an Equity Focus: The Center for Learner Equity (formerly the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools) has released this new publication and infographic providing strategies that districts, schools, and educators might consider to "optimize the positive impact of stimulus dollars" on all students, especially students with disabilities. 

3.         New Report – Preparing Students of Color for the Future Workforce: Lessons from Communities in Indiana and New Mexico:  The Center for American Progress has produced this report that highlights barriers to student preparation and offers strategies to preparing Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students for future jobs. 

4.         The State of Preschool Yearbook 2020:  The National Institute for Early Education Research (Rutgers University) has released its annual report on preschool programs across the states.  This year's report also includes information on the impact of the pandemic on state preschool programs.

April 19, 2021 Connections & Resources

Support for Impacted by Racism and Violence, Assistive Technology Tool, Children's Defense Fund Report, Webinar

 March 29, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

  Webinars, Learning Disruption


 March 22, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Webinars, Addressing Learning Disruption


 March 14, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Webinars, Career Readiness


March 8, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

 What Works Clearinghouse, CDC-Funded Star Collection, Cyberbullying Research


March 1, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources 

 Webinars, NCLD Report, REL Southeast Tool for College Instructors


February 22, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources  

LPI Blogpost, NCSSLE News, Rural Education, Immigrant & Refugee Children Toolkit, Distance Learning & Webinar


February 15, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Public Schools Week, Webinars


February 8, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Literacy Coaching, Childhood Trauma, Anti-Bullying, Addressing Learning Loss, Strategies to Deliver Instruction


February 1, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Technology Enabled, Effective Learning Recommendations, Homework Gap Report, National Agenda for Children's Mental Health, IES Report


January 25, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

New Resource, School Reopening Plans, Addressing January 6 Incident at the Capitll, Webinar


 January 18, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Upcoming Webinars and Other Resources


 January 11, 2021 CASE Connections & Resources

Upcoming Webinars, THRIVE Conference, School Climate


 December 14, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources
LGBTQ Students w/Disabilities Resource, Employee Workplace Health, Clearinghouse Webinar
December 7, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources

 Webinars, NCLD & NASP Reports, CDC Resources, OSEP Fast Facts


November 30, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources
School Health Website, Intensive Needs Support, Social/Emotional Learning, NCEO Videos, Webinars
November 23, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources

GAO Report - Distance Learning 


November 16, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources

Focus on the Early Grades & NCLD Webinar Series

November 9, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources
Disproportionate Discipline, Cultivating Collaboration between Home and School, School Mental Health Resources
November 2, 2020 CASE Connections & Resources
Due Process Hearing, Examining Race and Disability