CASE Connections & Resources

CASE has many CONNECTIONS and Partners in Special Education.  Below are additional resources and valuable information for all Special Education Administrators and Leaders.

  1. School Health Website: Federal Partners in School Health have launched a new website that contains information, resources, and research related to student health.  Schools and school districts are among their target audiences.  You can check it out here
  1. Supporting Students with Intensive Needs during COVID-19:  The National Center on Intensive Intervention has partnered with educators in a community of practice to develop sample lessons and strategies for implementing intensive interventions during the pandemic.  Check here for these resources.
  1. Improving Social and Emotional Learning: Eight national disability, civil rights, and SEL organizations came together to look at the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on students from systemically marginalized communities.  They have produced a new set of resources to help schools and families support students' social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development during these difficult times. The full report and supplemental resource guides for families and school district leaders can be found here 
  1. NCEO Videos for Parents and Educators:  The National Center on Educational Outcomes has released several videos on aspects of supporting the learning of children with significant cognitive disabilities at home.  The first four videos are available on YouTube at these links:

Helping Your Child with Routines at Home

Helping Your Child with the Foundations of Communication at Home

Helping Your Child with Communication at Home

Helping Your Child with Academics

  1. Open Technology Institute Report:  A new report, The Online Learning Equity Gap: Innovative Solutions to Connect All Students at Home, highlights school districts implementing creative solutions to get broadband access to students.  The report makes the case for expanding E-Rate, which CASE has consistently supported.  You can read the report here and a blog post on the implications on education policy here


  1. Briefing on Family Engagement:  On December 3, 11:00 AM EST, the National Center for Families Learning is sponsoring a briefing with several members of Congress and others involved in family engagement activities.  To learn more about the presentation and to register, click here
  1. Webinar, College Enrollment and Completion among Texas High School Graduates with a Disability:  This interactive webinar, to be held on December 3, at 3:00 CST, is designed for a broad audience, including special education administrators and other district and state education staff.  Sponsored by the Regional Education Laboratory (REL) Southwest, participants will learn about the findings of a recent report on improving outreach and services to students with disabilities, programming to support transition to postsecondary education, and information at 4-year universities designed to support students with disabilities.  If you cannot attend the live event, by registering you will receive notification of when the webinar is available online. 
  1. Two Free "Workshop" Opportunities from Future Ready Schools:
  • December 9:  "Creating a Culture of Leadership and Innovation" – Joining other district teams, bring leaders from your district to collaborate on building networks of like-minded colleagues, generating feedback on practices, and sharing ideas and experiences around creating a culture of leadership.  View the agenda and register here.
  • January 14:  "Ensuring Equitable Opportunities During Uncertain Times" – District teams will explore a brand new equity audit toolkit released that day. This toolkit will empower leaders to look critically at current policies and practices for student access, student opportunity, and resource allocation; analyze and reflect on gaps; and develop strategic action plans to address inequity more directly and make the changes that our students both need and deserve.  View the agenda and register here.
  1. Free Workshop on Eating Disorders:  The Harvard School of Public Health is offering evidence-based training – "Be Real" – for school personnel on improving school climate around body confidence and related risk factors for eating disorders among students.   The training session takes place on December 9, 3:00 – 4:30 PM EST.  You can register here
  1. Thought Leader Conversation, Pursuing Equity for Black Students in K-12 Education: Exploring the Intersection of Race and Disability:  The National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) is sponsoring these thought leader conversations.  This is a data literacy session that will help participants understand what equity-driven, culturally responsive data literacy looks like and how to use data to meet the needs of Black students with disabilities.  This event is scheduled for December 15, 3:30-5:00 PM EST.  You can find out more and register here. 


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