Legislative Recommendations

 United States Capital


Each year, the Council of Administrators of Special Education makes several legislative recommendations to Members of Congress. The 2019 Legislative Recommendations are available by clicking here.


Specifically, CASE makes the following recommendations

Recommendation Resources
Oppose Publicly Funded Subsidies of Private Education CASE Policy
Issue Brief
Support Access to Mental Health Services  
Support Early Childhood Education  
Prevent Bullying and Harassment by Enhancing Social-Emotional Learning Opportunities  
Reform Dispute Resolution Procedures  
Support Development of Seclusion and Restraint Regulations  CASE Policy
Support High Quality Preparation for all Educators  
Address Chronic Educator Shortages in Special Education CASE Policy
OSEP Teacher Shortage Blog
Change Improve Maintenance of Effort Requirements (MOE)  
Maintain Access to School-Based Medicaid  
Fund Education and IDEA line items appropriately  

Address Disproportionality but Allow Greater Flexibility with Comprehensive Coordinated Early
Intervening Services


Past Legislative Platforms:   2016-2017

CASE Recommendations for the Reauthorization of IDEA- May 2017

While CASE is not promoting the reauthorization of IDEA at this time, our Policy and Legislative Committee has been working with our members, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee since 2010 to provide a clear indication of what needs to be changed at Reauthorization. We believe this document represents the best thinking of our members based on hours of input and consideration.  Click here to download our IDEA Reauthorization Recommendations.