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A Principal's Guide to Special Education $36.95

Dr. David Bateman provides a comprehensive review of all necessary information that principals must know about special education. This essential book is a must-have for all school leaders. Any question a leader might have about the complex work of special education can be found in this book.












CASE Essential Series $7/each

These monographs are short guidance and informational documents       
designed for practical use with administrators and teachers. The
content of the work is organized in 21 questions/answers/essential
points with a corresponding paragraph or two of information.




Great Instruction Great Achievement $15

This book walks through components of effective leadership and how new and experienced leaders can become more effective. Topics include shared leadership, roles and responsibilities, skilled facilitation, systems thinking, and others. Book 1 provides anyone looking to understand the basic functions of effective leadership the information they need. 




 CASE Leadership Series $14/each

The CASE Leadership Series is specifically designed to provide
administrators of special education the knowledge and skills
necessary to be effective in their role.




 Let's Team Up $10

This easy-to-use guide provides readers all they need to understand and establish effective working teacher-paraprofessional teams. Included in this publication are a variety of checklists and simple guides to assist teachers and other professionals in developing effective practices in working with paraprofessionals and other support.




 Response to Intervention $17

This book provides all the information you need to understand response
to intervention. With comprehensive and detailed descriptions of both
the policy and legal framework for RtI as well as practical strategies for implementation, this book is all you need to begin the RtI process in
your school or district.




Section 504 and ADA - Promoting Student Access $22

Understand everything you need to know about Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This book provides each educator essential knowledge and understanding about one of the most important laws regarding disability.