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CASE has proven to be an effective influential organization which provides powerful support to its membership. Now, more than ever, your membership in the CASE organization can assist you as you grow professionally and develop services at the state, province and local level for students with disabilities. It is our hope that CASE can assist in being your springboard to excellence.

CASE is a special interest division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). To be a member, you join CEC, then add CASE to your membership. You get to enjoy member benefits of both organizations!


Why you should belong to the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)

1. Keep Up-To-Date on Special Education Issues, Trends, and Findings

The In-CASE Newsletter and Journal of Special Education Leadership as well as the CEC Publications TEACHING Exceptional Children, Exceptional Children, and CEC Today give you an early look at significant research, practical help, and trends in special education. 

2. Network, Network, Network

Learn from your colleagues in your community, your state/providence, nationally, and around the globe. These are people just like you who know 504 isn't just a number but so much more and that RtI really spells AYP!

3. Targeted Electronic Communication

Electronic listservs, weekly email updates, and immediate eBlasts keep you informed and prepared yet without overwhelming your inbox! Both CASE and CEC websites provide current information and links to great resources.

4. Increase Your Professional Involvement

Publish in CASE and CECs journals and newsletters, share your expertise at CASE and CEC's highly respected conference and symposium. Receive recognition for your contributions through the award programs. Serve on a committee, run for office, be active in the governance by being informed and voting; volunteer for projects!

5. Add to your Expertise

Get to know THE Experts through professional development opportunities including timely web seminars, conferences, institutes, and hands-on seminars. Join another or maybe all of CEC's 17 special interest divisions to increase your knowledge and become more deeply involved in your profession.  

6. Get the Resources You Need at Prices You Can Afford

From the current BEST practices to links to practical research, CASE, and CEC are the best place to find it! The CEC Catalog is crammed with resources and materials specifically for special educators and the CASE online catalog has terrific resources for administrators. From discounts to free, what more could you ask! 

7. Develop Your Leadership Skills

As the organization for administrators in special education, CASE devotes time, finances, and effort into providing you leading edge information on how to be a better leader! From Leadership Hot Tips to articles by a leadership coach in the newsletter, CASE does have a NEW IDEA in LEADERSHIP! 

8. Make a Difference with Policy Makers

CASE and CEC have active policy units which provide YOU the tools to participate in local, state/provincial, and national lobbying activities. You have the opportunity to make your legislator your new BEST friend! And when you can't be there, you still have a voice at the table making a difference! 

9. Influence your Profession

By collaborating with the national and international associations of professionals who serve all students. CASE and CEC influence the education profession! Recent collaborations on IDEA 2004, Full Funding, RtI, and NCLB are just the tip of the iceberg! 

10. Improve the Educational Success of All Students!

Isn't that why you became a special education administrator in the first place?