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CASE is a division of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). 



            CASE first organized in April 1951 a the CEC Convention in New York, NY.

                          CASE formally affiliated in April 1953 at the CEC Convention in Boston, MA.

                                     CASE received its Charter on April 15, 1955.



STEP 1 - As A Professional - Choose one of three options for membership - Being A MEMBER of CEC is the FIRST STEP

STEP 2 - As A Professional - Select CASE as your DIVISION of choice.

STEP 3 - As A Professional - Choose any other DIVISION you'd like to join.



  BASIC                                                              FULL                                                                          PREMIER                                                          

Join CEC for $80/year + CASE $60/year

CASE & CEC Membership = $140/year

Join CEC for $135/year + CASE $60/year  

CASE & CEC Membership = $195/year

Join CEC for $215/year + CASE $60/year

CASE & CEC Membership = $275/year


  More Information on BASIC Membership       More Information on FULL Membership              More Information on PREMIER Membership


Why Should I Join CASE?

  • Keep up-to-date on Special Education Issues, Trends & Findings
  • Network, Network, Network
  • Targeted Electronic Communication
  • Increase Your Professional Involvement
  • Add to Your Expertise
  • Get the Resources You Need at the Prices You can Afford
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills
  • Make a Difference with Policy Makers
  • Influence Your Profession
  • Improve the Educational Success for All Students!