Luann Purcell Continuing Education Scholarship

The Dr. Luann Purcell Scholarship for Continuing Education allows aspiring special education administrators to continue their pursuit of excellence with a scholarship of $1,000 to use toward higher education, or added certification in the area of special education administration. The deadline to apply is June 30 of each year.  View the Scholarship Brochure here

Apply for the Scholarship HERE

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Dr. Luann Purcell Scholarship fund by credit card.  Check donations can be sent to:

1736 E. Sunshine Street
Suite 501
Springfield MO 65804

Scholarship Donors 

Jesse Arick, Oregon
William Bogdan, Kentucky
George Dayton, Utah
Ruth Ann Coleman, North Carolina
Jeremy Glauser, Utah
Pam Howard, Alabama
John Klaber, Minnesota
Elizabeth Render, South Carolina
Carrie Turner, Missouri
Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education