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Accelerated Reader 360

Motivate, monitor, and manage students' independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a true love for reading.

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Classworks online tiered intervention program helps you pinpoint learning gaps, deliver math, reading, and language arts instruction at the right level and gain real-time insight into student progress. Screen, intervene, and monitor using one intuitive program!

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Special Education Log

Track service minutes and progress towards IEP goals through form-based fields, in under a minute. Data automatically updates powerful dashboards and reports for better compliance oversight. Get district-wide visibility into service minutes provided, what’s occurring during those services, and how it impacts progress. Break down silos, empower collaboration, and support data-driven decision making through modernized IEP goal tracking

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Corrective Reading

Help teachers develop tightly sequenced, carefully planned lessons that give struggling students the structure and practice necessary to become skilled, fluent readers.

Early Interventions in Reading

Solid research is at the heart of Early Interventions in Reading. Designed to work comfortably with your core reading program, this early intervention program provides the significant increase in the intensity of instruction that low-level readers need to meet grade-level expectations

Reading Mastery

Use Direct Instruction to help students develop into fluent, independent and highly skills readers.

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Easy IEP

EasyIEP is the country’s leading web-based special education case management tool, used by districts spanning 30+ states to achieve and maintain federal and state compliance and improve processes and procedures in their special education programs.

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Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, adaptive reading and language program that delivers 1-2 years gain in 40-60 hours of use for any struggling learner.

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Goalbook Toolkit

Goalbook Toolkit is an online tool that empowers educators to develop higher-quality IEPs and implement them with more effective specially designed instruction. From developing data-driven present levels, to creating measurable standards-aligned goals, to delivering research-based specially designed instruction, Goalbook Toolkit provides districts with systemic support to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of special educators throughout the IEP process.

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Istation’s digital Oral Reading Fluency assessment for grades K through 3 combines over three decades of educational research with more than a decade of technical development and data to provide schools with the latest voice recognition and recording technology.

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Lexia Core5 Reading

Lexia® Core5® Reading is an adaptive blended learning program that accelerates the development of literacy skills for students of all abilities. Core5 provides explicit, systematic instruction through personalized learning paths in six areas of reading.

PowerUp Literacy

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®, an adaptive blended learning platform, accelerates literacy gains for diverse sixth- to 12th-grade readers. PowerUp creates a customized learning path for adolescents to receive targeted support to develop the reading and critical thinking skills necessary to meet the demands of secondary curriculum and beyond.

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ParaEducator Online Training

This online training includes:
  • 140 self-paced courses
  • Post tests at the end of each course
  • Training and assessments
  • Transcripts and course certificates
  • Content that aligns with CEC standards
  • Research-based content written by experts in the field
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 Positive Action

Positive Action is based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions.
The Positive Action program works through these concepts in a systematic way.
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 Project Discovery

Learners explore, experience, learn and develop real life job skills with actual tasks and job tools while reinforcing core academic skills. Students who learn by doing will excel and enhance their opportunities in the workforce and will be Job Ready.

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System 44

System 44 is designed to engage. System 44 was created to help your child master foundational reading and move on to grade-level success. The whole class works together, or in a small group, practicing phonics and reading skills with the teacher.

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Read 180

As the leading reading intervention programRead 180® helps students who are two or more years behind become active, accomplished readers. By bringing teachers, families, and adaptive technology together, it meets students on their unique paths to provide a truly personalized experience, whether in a traditional classroom or a hybrid learning environment.

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Math 180

Math 180® is a blended-learning, intensive math intervention program that builds algebra competence in core or dedicated intervention classrooms, using best practices for striving students. Personalized software combined with teacher-facilitated instruction accelerate students toward grade-level proficiency, raising achievement scores by an average of 2+ years in one school year.

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 Reading Horizons

Empower your teachers with an explicit phonics curriculum that helps every K-3 student build a solid foundation in reading and spelling through both software and direct instruction.

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The future of education and socialization for learners with autism. Learners with ASD learn to tune in on emotions, express empathy, act more appropriately in social situations, self-motivate, and generalize in the population.

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Seeing Stars

This program develops symbol imagery (symbol recognition) and directly applies that sensory-cognitive function to: sight word development, contextual fluency, spelling, and increasing the speed and stability of phonemic awareness.

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Visualizing and Verbalizing

This program develops concept imagery—the ability to create an imagined or imaged gestalt from language—as a basis for comprehension and higher order thinking.

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Special Ed Connection

Special Ed Connection is THE go-to online source for guidance on all your special education challenges — and the only source you need to keep current on education policy and legal developments.

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(Formerly Pearson K12 Learning)

Success Maker K-8 Reading

Welcome to the most powerful SuccessMaker ever for Grades K-8 reading and math. It does it all to make EVERY student more successful. This is “true” adaptive learning for intervention, differentiation, and personalization. Every student interaction adjusts instruction in real time to real learning needs.

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Synergy unties multiple K-12 data management solutions in one seamless ecosystem, creating system-wide data connections that help improve administrative processes and learning outcomes without the hassle of third-party system integrations.

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Early Learning Reading

Personalized learning software adapts automatically to give each student a unique learning experience tailored to his or her own skill level and pace, making it ideal for all of your early learners.

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Reading Plus

Reading Plus is an evidence-based, online program that provides personalized instruction and intervention for students with diverse needs, including multilingual learners, students who qualify for special education services, RTI/MTSS tiers 1–3, and advanced readers. The program develops fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, while also measuring student motivation. On average, striving students using Reading Plus with fidelity achieve 2.0-2.5 years of proficiency grade-level gains. Reading Plus provides educators with an easy-to-use management and reporting system, extensive resources to guide differentiated instruction, professional development, and highly rated customer support. The Reading Plus program is used in more than 7,800 schools, helping over one million students become confident, lifelong readers.


For over 40 years, MindPlay Education has been providing learning content to educators and families. We are not the typical edtech company. Our focus is not on tech games or test prep. Our educational programs are based on methodologies and science – delivering structured and systematic learning instruction to students that result in powerful learning growth and mastery.

 We consider ourselves to be your partners in learning, whether you’re an educator, parent, guardian, or tutor, we want to help your student reach their fullest potential. 



CASE utilizes the endorsement designation to provide its membership with a list of educational products that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process. Although a rigorous process is used to determine whether a product meets a minimum standard for endorsement, the endorsement is not a representation that the product will provide an appropriate educational benefit to all learners or to a particular learner. Many factors, especially fidelity of implementation and individual learner needs and circumstances, will affect product effectiveness.  A product endorsement by CASE must not be construed as any indication that the endorsed product is more effective than other products or that an endorsed product will confer an appropriate educational benefit to an individual learner. 


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