The CASE Conference

Justification Toolkit

We have prepared this Toolkit to provide you with the necessary resources in preparation for seeking support for your decision to attend The CASE Conference.  

Justification Toolkit Documents and Information HERE

The linked kit includes:

  • Email Template: Editable template is provided to create the perfect letter to send to your supervisor.
  • General Conference Information: Information for logistics regarding the conference.
  • Cost Analysis Worksheet: Outlines the cost to attend the conference, from travel to registration.
  • Explanation of Benefits—Talking points when speaking to your supervisor about attending The CASE Conference 2023!

Benefits of Attending

Things to consider as you justify the importance of attending The CASE Conference 2023:
  • Focus on what you will bring back to the organization as a return on the investment.
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A to share what you learned. Your learning will benefit others.
  • Remind your supervisor that this is a great way to earn professional development hours in one location. This is likely more cost-effective than registering for multiple options to obtain the same number of hours.
  • Highlight your discounted CASE member rate! If you are not currently a member JOIN TODAY to start saving on all CASE events! 

Quantifying the Benefits

Some examples to include when quantifying the benefits:
  1. Networking Benefits - The CASE Conference fosters networking with other professionals and corporations in the industry. 
  2. Industry partner resources and solutions - It is important for special education leaders to learn what current resources and solutions are available to students and staff. With 78 exhibitors, 24 resource spotlight sessions, and two networking socials, you will connect with industry partners to provide solutions and support for your staff. 
  3. Professional Learning Benefits - The CASE Conference is the premier professional learning event for leaders in special education. Learn from experts in the field and gain valuable tools to inform your practice. 

The CASE Conference 2023 Strands


Equity, Access, and Inclusion

Instructional Practices

Executive Function

Innovative Practices in IDEA Implementation

Mitigating Conflict

Social Emotional Well-Being

Legal Issues and the Law

Attract, Prepare, Retain Staff