If you are a CASE member and interested in serving on a CASE committee, please click here.

The Finance Committee assists the CASE Treasurer in the development of the CASE annual budget, recommendations for new joint venture enterprises and financial review.

Finance Committee Chairperson is Zabrina Cannady of Georgia; Committee Members are Ellen Stokebrand, NE; Emilie Maule, MT; Damita James, GA; Scott Hogan, IL


The Membership Committee disseminates member lists, develops strategies for growing membership, and selects the annual CASE Award Recipients. 

Membership Committee Chairperson is Missy Taylor of Illinois; Committee members are Chrissy Peterson, SD; Angie Neely, VA; Concetta Lewis, MI; Pam Bell, IN


The Policy and Legislation Committee develops and recommends timely statements of CASE legislative and regulatory concerns, providing a framework within which positions can evolve. This committee assists in identifying and collecting legislative and regulatory information for dissemination to members, and provides information relative to issues of concern to special education administrators.

Policy and Legislation Committee Chairperson is Dr. Angie Balsley of Indiana; Committee members are Shelly Ota, CA;  Blake MaGaha, GA; Valerie Johnson, SD; Abby Cypher, MI; Don Christman, MT; Yvette Goorevitch, CT; Kathie Gabrielson, CT; Cherie Johnson, MN; Matt Holloway, MA; Staci Mathes, MO

The Product Review Committee provides leadership in advancing evidence-based practices that support improved student outcomes and recognizing management products that increase efficacy and efficiency. The appointed subcommittee engages with vendor representatives to review products in a variety of areas (e.g.,feasibility, research base, product research, reputation, alignment with CASE) and recommends endorsement based upon rigorous criteria.

Product Review Committee Chairperson is Dr. Pamela Baker of Virginia; Committee members are Dr. Richard Templeton, AL; Dr. Pam Howard, AL; Deborah Dupree J.D., VA; Lori Wehlander, SD; Dr. Angel Royal, PA

The Professional Development Committee strives to provide professional learning options that will build the capacity of our membership in order to allow them to meet the needs of staff and the students they serve. The committee is continually exploring ways to improve conferences as well as all learning options we offer to our membership. 

Professional Development Committee Chairperson is Ramona Lee of Idaho; Committee members are Matt Koeboek, MI; Julie Bowers, NV; Kristin Bordonaro, IL; Joy Jansen, ID; Shawn Bernard, OR; Joesph Kwisz, IN; Nichole Honeywell, KS 


The Publications Committee provides timely and relevant content to members and the field on topics related to special education and special education leadership. Committee members develop publication proposals, recruit authors, edit manuscripts and contribute articles about committee work. Time commitments include monthly meetings and asynchronous editing work that is dependent on the publication schedule and length of the documents to be edited.

Publications Committee Chair is Nora Boettcher of Arizona; Committee members are JoAlice Ray, GA; Carrie Brandon, AZ; Pam Bell, IN; Tammy Hazley, MI; Elizabeth Smith, MO


The Research Committee is comprised of higher education professionals and practitioners within the field of special education and works in collaboration with organizations, agencies and professional associations. The committee provides leadership in developing and advancing research-based practices in special education that are highly correlated to improve student outcomes; supports leaders of special education by providing information on products, publications and research that promote best practices highly correlated to student outcomes; collects, analyzes and disseminates information on topics critical to the field in appropriate publications and works with identified researchers, scholars, authors and publishers on producing publications that contribute to leadership development. 

Research Committee Chairperson is Dr. Julie Bost of North Carolina; Committee members are Barbara Pazey, TX; Mitchell Yell, SC; Perry Zirkel, PA; Michele DeBerry, OK; Maria Rosetti, AZ; Susan Thomas, SC; Lisa Hughes, RI; Diana Bixby, PA; Sandy Shakalady-White, PA; Heath Peine, KS; Pm Baker, VA; Adam Leckie, AZ; and Mary Kealy, VA

The Technology and Communications Committee assists the CASE President and Executive Director with website management; dissemination of information to the membership and subdivision units; document storage for the organization; office efficiencies and the management of needed software. 
Technology and Communications Committee Chairperson is Carrie Turner of Missouri; Committee members are Alissa Krantz, AZ; Dr. Valerie Riedthaler, OH; Dr. Liz Battaglia, CT; Dr. Leigh Gruber, MO; Sharlea Watkins, ID; Kristina Williams, VA


The Unit Development Committee provides support and encouragement to the various state and provincial units in their endeavor to meet the needs of CASE members within those units. The committee also assists in the start up of new units in states and provinces with no established CASE unit. 

Unit Development Committee Chairperson is Eric Hoppstock of Michigan; Committee members are Lynn Schroeder, OK; Samantha Poindexter, MO; Liza Bates, IN; Dr. Missy Lucas, MO; Tammy Nyen, MI