CASE Publication Proposal Guidelines

About CASE Publications

The Council of Administrators of Special Education is interested in publishing material that supports the mission to advance the profession of special education administration. CASE serves to improve special education programs through the dissemination of information regarding best practice within the field and to engage its stakeholders by providing a resource for information and professional development. 

Submitting a proposal

CASE has several publication formats that each serve a different purpose. When submitting a proposal please review each of the formats and determine which best fits the manuscript you wish to publish. Once submitted, the CASE Publications Committee will place the prospectus under review. Once under review, it will either be sent forward, return for edits, or denied. After being approved, the Committee will request a full manuscript to begin the editing process. Directions for submitting the prospectus are below. 

What should be in a proposal?

A proposal should give the CASE Publications Committee a clear and detailed idea of what your book will be about. Your initial submission should include a letter of introduction, a proposal as outlined below, the author(s) CV or resume, the table of contents, and a sample chapter and/or section.  Proposals should be long enough to give the CASE Publications Committee and its reviewers enough information to understand your work. As a general guideline, your proposal should be no longer than 15 pages (and shorter if not a book), and each author CV no longer than three pages.  

1.  Title page, authors, and date

Suggest a title on the title page that best reflects the content and use this as a running head throughout the proposal.  Include all authors on the title page. If we accept your proposal, the order of authors will be taken from this document until you advise us otherwise. Please remember to date your proposal. 

2.  Brief synopsis

In a few paragraphs, describe the book. Include what you consider to be the distinctive or unique features of the work. The description should include the topic, subject of book, level of the intended audience, need for the book, scope of what is included and why, explain the purpose, contribution to scholarship, and place in the literature. Please state your argument concisely and clearly.

3.  Recommended Format

Please select the format that you wish your work to be published. 

Lucky 21: These monographs are short guidance and informational documents designed for practical use with administrators and teachers. Typical length varies from 11-20 single-spaced pages (word document) before reformatting. Content of the work is organized in 21 questions/answers/essential points with a corresponding paragraph or two of information. 

Leadership Series: The CASE Leadership Series is specifically designed to provide administrators of special education the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in their role. These are works of about 100-120 pages that contain information and knowledge corresponding to Special Education Administration Standards. 

Book: CASE publishes standalone books subject areas that relate to the field of special education. These works are typically a couple of hundred pages and provide more in-depth coverage of the topic. 

Electronic Publication: CASE also publishes electronic works that may not fit the previously described formats. These may be informational documents that are better disseminated through electronic media as PDFs, etc. There is no specific length or desired content required. 

4. Table of contents

The table of contents should list the chapter numbers, titles and if necessary authors of each chapter. Chapter titles should allow the reader to quickly assess the content of your book. Include a paragraph-length description of each chapter.

5. Set up the book

  • What do you estimate to be the length of the completed book?
    (Note: There are about 450 words on a printed page.)

  • Describe any ancillary materials (workbook, companion website, CD ROM, etc.).

6. Field considerations

  • Who is your intended audience? 

  • Is it a student-level book? If so, at what level and course (undergraduate or graduate)?

  • Please include the main two or three similar texts (if there is none, indicate the closest match). In the context of strengths and weaknesses, explain what makes your proposed text different. If possible, please provide the publisher and date of publication as well.

  • Is the book based on your Ph.D./Ed.D. research?  If yes, is your dissertation available electronically anywhere, e.g. an institutional repository?  

7. Writing plan

  • What portion or percentage of the material is now complete? Realistically, when do you expect to have a completed manuscript?

  • Please include a timeline with intermediate dates for book chapters.

8. Reviews

If we decide to send your proposal to review, we will be selecting peer reviewers. Please advise us of potential conflicts of interest or people that would be inappropriate to review your materials.

9. File Format

Please send the completed proposals in PDF or Microsoft Word formatting. 


The review process

After receipt of your proposal, the chair will review your materials and consider whether it is a good fit for CASE publication. We make every effort to ensure that editorial decisions are made in a timely manner.

If we are interested in your project, the Publication Chair will summarize the comments, make needed recommendations, and send the publication decision and comments back to the first author.  We will notify you of our interest and then commission outside reviewers to read and evaluate your proposal. At this stage, we may ask for additional materials. We will, of course, obtain the best available reviewers to consider your work. The review process typically takes up to four months, depending on, among other things, the nature of the project and the availability of reviewers.


Please send submissions to:

Adam Leckie

[email protected]

21593 S. 215th Place

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Re: CASE Publication Proposal